Skin Cancer Prevention Not Only in May

What do Bob Marley, Hugh Jackman and Khloe Kardashian have in common?

That’s right, everyone suffered from skin cancer!

The month of May not only gives us many hours of sunshine and awakens spring fever, but is also considered month of awareness in the fight against skin cancer. Melanoma (black skin cancer) is one of the most common malignant tumors. A distinction is made between non-melanoma (white) and malignant melanoma (black) skin cancer. Malignant skin tumors can usually be identified well during early detection examinations. If a skin change is detected early, it can be easily treated. For this reason, early diagnosis and therapy are of great importance. Nowadays, many people are aware of the risks of too much sun exposure – not mentioning solariums. However, tanned skin is still associated with beauty. Skin cancer is the only type of cancer against which you can effectively protect yourself. Most people know the do’s and don’ts. Use sunscreen (even on cloudy days), wear sunglasses and a hat or cap, and avoid the midday sun. And yes, you need sunscreen even in the shade. Children and young people in particular need special protection from sun exposure. Because sunburns in childhood play an important role in the development of melanoma later on. Every sunburn is one too many (not only in children). Skin cancer is an important topic for all of us, and it shouldn’t just be considered in May. Now off to the dermatologist for the annual skin check!